Saturday, June 8, 2013

WGIAC: The Updates

See "White Guy In A Chair Seeks Van" for background to the story...


Well, I was up with the birds at 5:15 this morning.  Turns out that my flight is at 7:30 tomorrow, not Wednesday.  I think that I should start packing.  Not before I finish a presentation and attend an 8-hour nursing assistant practical skills day, though.  Maybe I will have oatmeal for breakfast.  And take a shower and


Seattle University's "APNI Cohort 2008" rushed the facebook event for a final drive to the finish.  As you can see, Seattle as a whole did pretty well for itself:

Hella filthy, Seattle!

Stage I of "WGIAC Goes to New Haven" complete, with flying colors.  I am proud of my family and of my family of friends.  Next step is the actual van rental... and driving up there from DC on Friday. Wish us a safe trip, and stay tuned for more updates on WGIAC and our trip.  

Eternally grateful,



One cool thing about being six to nine hours ahead of North American time zones is that I get to wake up to any donations you make to WGIAC after 1:00 or 2:00 pm (PST).  I go to bed, and you guys work overnight magic.  I am most impressed by the fact that people from every major chunk of my life have stepped forward to give something.  University of Washington dormmates, ultimate frisbee teammates (that would be the ambiguous "Boobies" on the chart below), family and future in-law family, Chicagoans, and fellow born-and-bred Colfaxians.  

Support from every stage of life... how cool.

That said, I used Skype to call various rental van companies in the D.C. area.  Accessible Rental Vans does state online that their rate for 7 days or longer is $600/week (excluding tax) with 700 miles gas.   Per Gmaps, the driving distance between New Haven and D.C. is 308 miles.  Accessible Rental Vans is the best rate I've found so far... but... its owner is out of town during the week that we need the van, and the company won't be renting any vans during that time.  She referred me to Ride Away, another company, whose rates are $115/day (excl. tax) and 100 miles per day.  Pretty comparable, but would be nice to get them down another $100 with the rental.  Their "rental coordinator" was not in the office yesterday when I called, so will have to wait until tomorrow for the next attempt.  

WGIAC has taken the initiative to call another company on the list, and I'll check in with him via Skype tonight to see if he's landed anything near $600/week.  He mentioned that the last time he rented a van to visit his mom and grandma (in 2009, before his mom's Parkinson's became debilitating), the van BROKE DOWN ON THE FREEWAY.  Hm.  Suddenly struck by a need to search high and low for my AAA card.  Which is likely expired.  

In the meantime, I have a presentation on medication to give to a team of home health nursing assistants tomorrow.  In Dutch.  And a test to write.  I'll get on it!  Keep it flowing, and thanks to all who've added to the bag so far!

** $325 to the goal! **


That about says it:  One day, six good people (eight if you count two as halves of a good couple), $275.  $725 to the goal.  

I called WGIAC to plan on Thursday.  He has "called a couple of buddies" and also the Christopher Reeve Foundation, but hasn't heard back.  I'm surprised he got through to anyone at CRF, the website is enormous and not-so-navigable.  I'm using it to search for better rates for the van rental.  WGIAC is one of the best and most persistent networkers I know.  I imagine, however, that being confined to use of his landline (and the landline of his "alternative number," the cafe down the street) is hampering his communications.  Typing is a struggle.  He used to use Dragon Natually Speaking voice recognition software for emails, but apparently lost it, or something, as well as his microphone, or it's broken, or something, in the last move (or something).  I had my dad send him my old Dragon software from grad school (grumble grumble transcribing 360 minutes of interviews grumble), but none of his caregivers are tech-savvy (or patient?) enough to set it up for him.  Life moves slowly for this guy.  I wrote a "Day-in-the-Life-of" type paper about a morning with WGIAC in grad school, but can't find it (or it's broken, or I lost it in a move, or something).  You should read it.  I should find it.

Got to call him now, actually.  Here goes.  Hassled a few other people with the facebook event invites today.  Thanks for reading, and thanks for your help.  Keep it flowing.

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